Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Work Letter!

As promised. Finally approved. Listen in this week for the last (hopefully) of the work drama.

Respected colleagues,

I am writing to inform you of changes that I am in the process of making. I am transgender, and have begun the process of changing my appearance to match that of my male gender identity. I will not be changing my name, but I will no longer be a "girl George". As I become more masculine, you may continue to see changes in my appearance and self-presentation, but please be assured that I am still just me.

It is customary in the English language to refer to men with the gendered pronouns "he", "him", or "his". I also ask that you start using male pronouns when referring to me, both in person and in writing, email, etc.. I recognize that this may be difficult at first, and I will not be offended by genuine mistakes if made without malice. However, this change is necessary to avoid confusion for clients, new coworkers, and others. I am aware that some of you may not understand or approve of this change, but I request that you continue to treat me with human dignity as I do you.

I will be out of the office until returning on [end leave date] and upon my return I intend to present fully as male. That will be the "official date" of transition here at the office, and I am in the process of changing all my legal documents to reflect this information. I expect that some of you may have questions. If you do, please do not hesitate to talk to me. There are some personal questions I may not answer, but questions about this process are definitely open for discussion with me directly. You may instead choose to discuss this with [director's name], who has requested that any questions or concerns that are not to be addressed to me for any reason at all be communicated directly to him. Additionally, you may wish to view the following links that are chock-full of great information about gender identity and the process of transition. You may also forward this e-mail if someone was missed from the addressing process and is asking about it.


… or, like my wife says, "go ask your Google."

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