Saturday, January 23, 2016

TPT#150 - Small Dick Jokes (Masculinity and Privilege, Part 1)

We got guests again! Our Jesus Friend from Ep#111-112 and our Lawyer Friend from Ep#128-129 sat down with us to discuss male privilege. In the first of three episodes, we start with some definitions and a little intersectionality, how male privilege is enhanced by being tall or straight or white or masculine, and how privilege can be used to benefit others who lack the benefits that three of us have as perceived "straight white guys". Men aren't as heavily policed with regards to their appearance or social habits, and are given the benefit of the doubt much more often than women with regards to professional competency.

We referenced a couple articles by author James St. James: The first is at and a follow-up is at

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  1. Hi! I am having some technical issues listening to your podcast. The podcast starts over every 2 minutes. Is anyone else having that issue?

    1. That's happened to me a couple times with other files, it's a problem in the way the file got from the server to your computer. If you delete the corrupt file and download it again, it should play correctly. Thanks for checking!