Saturday, October 26, 2013

TPT#33 - Oh, For Gender's Sake!

George has been changing. That was kinda the idea of this whole adventure. The word "transition" indicates change. This week, we discuss how the changes in his world, both internally and externally, relate to gender both as a biological concept and as a social construct.

Information on finding a kinesiologist in your area can is online at

Saturday, October 19, 2013

TPT#32 - Bad Humour and NewOld Endo

When you need to cope with difficult circumstances, it's useful to be able to laugh about them. Raising special needs kids is often frustrating and exhausting, and we occasionally make jokes that would, out of context, be absolutely horrifying. George felt that it would be best to clarify that when we say awful evil horrible things about our children, we don't really mean it, we're just making one another laugh.

We segue (badly) from there into discussing the endocrinologist that George was referred to. Which happens to be the same one he had the hassles with back in the spring, 'round abouts episodes 4 to 10. Thankfully, this time around they seem much more supportive.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

TPT#31 - STP'ing

Now that the question of which bathroom to use is fairly settled for George, he's started researching various Stand-To-Pee devices. Links to the two he's used are in the post below. After discussing the specific items he's begun familiarizing himself with, we delved deeper into the topic of gender dysphoria, and George is very thankful that while he would very much appreciate the experience of having genitalia that matched his gender, he does not feel the need to utilize prostheses to assist in managing the discongruity.

STP'ing Links

As discussed in today's episode, #31 "STP'ing", the two items George has made use of so far:

All you buy for this one is a 1/2 gallon juice or milk carton. Not good-looking, but it works!
- Homemade:

This one looks natural-ish, and works okay.
- Made by #1 Laboratory:
- As purchased from Good Vibrations:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

TPT#30 - Back To Work

Returning to work after three weeks of leave can be daunting, but the results of surgery and changes from five months on testosterone have probably affected that process, and George's colleagues have been, on the whole, supportive and encouraging. Meanwhile, the kids are still extra-special, and Jess is slightly peeved that George made her put clothes on but is otherwise content.