Collaboration and Anonymity Policy

Thank you for your interest in collaboration with the TransPanTastic team. Please review the following requirements before requesting or agreeing to cooperation with one or both of us as associated with this project.

I.      Who are we?
a.    We are a couple of queers who want to better the world by providing relatable stories and information about our intersectional experiences.
                           i.   We are podcasters. The TransPanTastic podcast is, and will continue to be, our primary project.
                         ii.   We are willing to cooperate with others who share our goals or with whom our ideals are compatible.
                       iii.   Requests for individual or separate participation may be submitted, but please be aware that we generally work as a team and individual contributions will likely be heavily influenced by the other partner.
b.    We are “George and Jess, of the TransPanTastic Podcast”. We may reference ourselves, or be referenced as “George and Jess TransPanTastic”. No additional personally identifying information will be provided.
                           i.   We publish our podcast under the condition of anonymity. This expectation has been well-documented both in our recordings and our social media presence.
                         ii.   We refer to certain identifying information (e.g. children, jobs, friends) by anonymizing terms which have been developed over the course of our podcast and are familiar to our listeners.
                       iii.   Requests for additional specification or identification beyond what is needed for clarity of content may be cause to refuse or discontinue cooperation.
II.    Who are you?
a.    We will collaborate with individuals whose published work (regardless of media) endeavours to benefit the queer (LGBTQIA+) community, as evidenced by one or more of the following:
                           i.   You or members of your team are a member of the queer community, as expressed in your public, online, or other media presence.
                         ii.   Your previously published content is consistent with generally accepted conventions within the queer community, in language, sentiment, and tone, at the time of publishing.
                       iii.   Your current project, for which you are seeking our collaboration, has a stated purpose, mission, or objective that is explicit in its support of the queer community.
b.    In order to adequately assess the demonstrated intent and/or effects of your media presence, a body of work should be available for review:
                           i.   For regularly published print media (e.g. magazine, blog) a presence of three months minimum with a post/article count greater than ten is suggested.
                         ii.   For regularly published audio or video (e.g. podcast, youtube) a presence of three months minimum with content greater than two hours is suggested.
                       iii.   For media presence published at irregular intervals or spread across multiple media sources or types, a combination of content that thoroughly demonstrates your conformity to point I-a will be considered.
c.    Individual requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and if you feel that collaboration would benefit the queer community we may choose to adjust these expectations as we see fit.
III.  What we’ll do.
a.    We’ll contribute to your project.
                        i.      We will provide content or collaboration by any means allowing reasonable expectation of anonymity.
1.       We will respond to written requests or content prompts in full articles.
2.       For interviews, written or recorded, we will answer previously provided questions and reasonable follow-up clarification or conversation.
3.       We will review audio recordings for accidental expressions or depictions of personally identifying information prior to final approval for publication.
4.       Other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and specific terms agreed upon prior to collaboration.
                      ii.      Upon agreement of terms, we will provide content that, upon our final approval for publication, will be yours.
1.       You will hold full rights to reproduce our provided content, with attribution, in its entirety, as consistent with a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative License.
2.       Unless otherwise agreed, you will retain sole rights to profit from our contribution to your project. We will not seek royalties or other monetary compensation after publication.
3.       The content of these materials are the product of our experience and opinion, and so we retain the right to reference, quote, or paraphrase the provided content on our podcast and other public presence.
b.    We’ll share your stories in our podcast.
                        i.      We will engage in an audio conversation by any means allowing reasonable expectation of anonymity.
1.       We will speak face-to-face in a recordable space or use a VOIP service such as skype for distance communication.
2.       We will offer conversation and space for storytelling as consistent with our previously published episodes.
3.       We will request, if possible, an MP3 or WAV recording of “your end” of a skype call, for better audio clarity.
4.       We will combine the audio, then edit for brevity and clarity. You may request any edits at this time.
5.       Upon your request, a final cut will be provided to you for your approval before publishing.
                      ii.      Upon your approval, your content will be included in an episode to be published at a date of our choosing.
1.       We will hold copyright to the edited episode content, as consistent with a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative License.
2.       You retain full ownership of the original audio file(s) you provide, and may reproduce or edit them in any way you choose.

If, upon review of these conditions, you feel that our participation would be a good fit for your project, please contact us at with your request or proposal! Be sure to include "The Doctor" in the subject line if you'd like to have us participate in your project, and "The Enterprise" if you'd like to contribute your voice to ours!

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