Saturday, April 5, 2014

TPT#56 - Men's Spaces

From the changing room at the sporting goods store, to the hot tub at the gym, to the really gross bathrooms all over town, some spaces are decidedly gendered. We discuss George's experiences with these spaces over the course of finally getting himself a few needed replacements for clothing he has outgrown because of body changes on T.


  1. Hey there folks. Can you say which swimming jockstrap you got? and what suit? I looked at, but they all look very, uhm, revealing. . .


    1. The suit is this one:

      The strap is apparently unavailable via work interwebz, will check and finish replying when we're at home.

    2. The jock straps that George uses (as a harness for his packer under the swim shorts listed in the last comment) are here: - He has found a good, secure fit with the "Bike" and "McDavid" brands, ordering a little smaller than you'd think your measurements require.