Saturday, September 20, 2014

TPT#80 - Wanh WaWa Wanh

The adult voices in the old Peanuts cartoons were all played by a muted trombone. We often feel like when we're talking to our kids, they seem to hear that same "Wanh-wah, wa-wa-WANH-wa" sound, hearing that we are speaking but not really listening or being fully aware of what's being said. Of course, that sometimes happens with adults too, whether it's between ourselves or with the nice officials at the Social Security office.

The current policy for change of gender on Social Security records is at, and you can find specific information about exactly how those policies affect transgender individuals and how to effectively use the procedures listed there at

We would really appreciate, if you haven't taken our quick and anonymous survey, if you would please do so by going to

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