Saturday, October 3, 2015

TPT#134 - Sitting On Fans

Chair (n): A piece of furniture designed for supporting the human body
Fan (n): An appliance that pushes air around.
Transgender (adj): A person whose assigned/biological sex and psychological gender are not in congruence.

You can sit on one of these things. Sometimes two, but we're not that kind of podcast.

George thinks in pictures and concepts, Jess thinks in words and sounds. Sometimes this creates a struggle to communicate, but generally we work it out. Words are important to the transgender community, and with good reason. Words can create or destroy, can harm or heal. But Ivan Coyote said, "really, these are all just words, and words are always imperfect, and words are just sounds we make with our mouths that point our minds to think of things that cannot be fully described in words anyway." Words are important, but this time Jess has gone just a little word-ranty.

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