Saturday, December 5, 2015

TPT#143 - Straight People Are Weird.

There are actually people, functional human beings, who have never, ever, not even once, considered that their body might not fit them, that their brain might not match their body, that their gender might be something different than assigned. They just go about their lives with complete integration of their sociocultural place, their body, and their sense of self. That's kinda crazy.

We're still looking for submissions for our happy-holidays episode. Record yourself saying anything from a sentence or two, up to ten minutes of story, with a happy, amusing, or poignant ending that will encourage the rest of us who need to hear something happy this time of year. Send your audio file (or a link to it on a cloud drive, if it's too big to attach) to by 17 Dec, and we'll compile them into the 19 Dec episode #145.

We are here to share our entire intersectional experience with anyone who finds it beneficial, but we want to know what you connect with the most. You can let us know by clicking to a one-question anonymous survey at If you have a request/suggestion that isn't listed, comment!

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