Saturday, May 13, 2017

TPT#218 - Getting Your Hands On The Substance (4-Year Transition Retrospective, Pt. 1)

On George's fourth manniversary we reminisce about his transgender journey, from the earliest days of his first decision to transition, to the difficulty he had in accessing HRT, and the joy of finally getting the right amount of testosterone in his body. The following episodes were referenced, at the following times:
  • - 02:29 - Episode 1: making the decision to transition
  • - 04:05 - Episode 1: impatience with access to transition
  • - 09:22 - Episode 7: George's "trans narrative"
  • - 18:03 - Episode 4: insurance and healthcare access
  • - 27:20 - Episode 13: the joy of starting HRT
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