Saturday, February 27, 2016

TPT#155 - #QueerInCLASS

We had the amazing opportunity to attend the Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One. Whether you're a fan or not, the information that the casting director is committed to diversity in casting is a great thing to hear. (See more about a diversity-in-entertainment organization he works with at We discussed our thoughts on media representation, and want to hear your input. Was there a character you identified with when you were discovering yourself? If there was, what did seeing someone "like me" mean to you? If there weren't any, what would it have meant? What effect might it have in your world to see more diversity of gender and orientation in an upcoming Doctor Who spin-off show for young adults, titled "Class"? Tell us with the hashtag #QueerInCLASS and let's have a conversation about diversity in entertainment, Whovian or otherwise.

Details about our actual experiences at the convention coming next week!

We are here to share our entire intersectional experience with anyone who finds it beneficial, but we want to know what you connect with the most. You can let us know by clicking to a one-question anonymous survey at If you have a request/suggestion that isn't listed, comment!

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