Sunday, February 7, 2016

TPT#152x - Masculinity and Privilege (Parts 1-2-3)

Our entire discussion on male privilege, as originally published in three parts.


0:00:23 - 0:32:35
TPT#150 - Small Dick Jokes (Masculinity and Privilege, Part 1)

We got guests again! Our Jesus Friend from Ep#111-112 and our Lawyer Friend from Ep#128-129 sat down with us to discuss male privilege. In the first of three episodes, we start with some definitions and a little intersectionality, how male privilege is enhanced by being tall or straight or white or masculine, and how privilege can be used to benefit others who lack the benefits that three of us have as perceived "straight white guys". Men aren't as heavily policed with regards to their appearance or social habits, and are given the benefit of the doubt much more often than women with regards to professional competency.

We referenced a couple articles by author James St. James: The first is at and a follow-up is at

0:32:30 - 1:03:45
TPT#151 - Shaping Undergarments (Masculinity and Privilege, Part 2)

Western culture has certain expectations of individuals based on their gender. These can cause benefit to those who naturally fit them, and detriment to those who naturally eschew them, but how do these expectations shape our overall experience in binary society? A woman's face and body are subconsciously considered by many to be "public property" to be commented upon or directed to behave in "ladylike" ways, even by complete strangers. Men are naturally assumed to have competence in their chosen endeavours, and when they prove themselves incapable of achieving their goal then other men will often "coach" them to succeed. The cumulative effect of these and many other similar differences are what we mean when we say "Male Privilege".

1:03:40 - 1:36:33
TPT#152 - Just Because I Had A Dick (Masculinity and Privilege, Part 3)

Men are often allowed more assertiveness in social interactions, expected to behave more aggressively in competitive situations, and allowed more ownership of their self-presentation. These longstanding holdovers from centuries of patriarchy continue to affect our lives today, as exhibited in the experiences of individuals who transition. When one transitions, however, is it possible to forget what one used to have, what life had previously been like, and what privilege one has gained or lost? Does privilege become assimilated as one becomes more accustomed to one's new place in society? And why the hell do guys tell guys stuff they wouldn't tell girls, even when the information is inherently ungendered?

The episodes we referenced regarding George's transition at work and the difficulties his bosses had with it are #28 "Work Woes"#29 "Work Fix?", and #30 "Back to Work".


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